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PT Indekstat Konsultan Indonesia  was founded by experts applied in statistics, public policy, business and marketing, regional research and development. Formulating data into regional development strategies, designing appropriate and targeted policies and winning political contest. The combination of senior experts with a young team that has passion and enthusiasm.

PT Indekstat Konsultan Indonesiaa comes with the values of integrity, innovation, dynamic and teamwork in every business activity. Providing political consulting services that are not only oriented towards power but also oriented towards regional development.

PT Indekstat Konsultan Indonesia provides Political Consulting services from upstream to downstream covering Public Policy Research and Consultation, political marketing, mentoring and developing organizational potential.

The focus of our service is the mapping of potential / problem areas that are formulated into a strategy to win elections and regional elections with a database and applied statistical analysis that provides strategic recommendations for policy holders.

Our Mission & Culture

The mission of IndekStat Indonesia is that we want to be part of regional development projects, democratic life, political systems and social change in Indonesia and provide alternative sustainable development strategies in Indonesia.


Team collectivity & solidarity, egalitarian relationship, flexibility working, helping & sharing, respect and openness to others, not command but direction, persistent to achieve to goals, succeed above success


Team expertise, speak up your mind, always thinking a great idea & innovation, spirit for sharing knowledge to others, internal expose research, keep open mind and thinking out of the box.


Consistency to believes and morality, commitment to idealism, focus on ethics and trustworthy.


Positive contribution to the nation, legacy for the country, commitment to solve community and democracy issues.


Inclusive and unaffiliated with any group, objectivity and evidence based.

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Our awesome team

Redy Hendra Gunawan
Founder - Chief Strategy Officer

Dilahirkan di kuningan merupakan lulusan FATETA IPB University dan menempuh program pascasarjana di Sekolah Bisnis IPB University juga menyelesaikan studi di bidang Ilmu Komunikasi Politik Universitas Paramadina . Memiliki keahlian di bidang strategic management, marketing strategy, political marketing strategy, political campaign dan personal branding. Sosok yang lama berkecimpung di dunia bisnis, pengembangan masyarakat, konsultan bisnis dan politik di beberapa daerah. Selain itu juga aktif di aktifitas kepemudaan dan Komunitas SuksesMulia.

Rikola Fedri
Founder - Chief Research Officer

Lahir di Bukittinggi, menyelesaikan studi di Statistika IPB University dan Magister Perencanaan dan Kebijakan Publik Universitas Indonesia. Saat ini sedang menempuh program Doktoral Perencanaan Wilayah Pedesaan di IPB University. Berpengalaman di beberapa lembaga survey dan riset. Memiliki keahlian di bidang metodologi statistika, statistika terapan, analisa statistik, political mapping strategy, voter behaviour dan kebijakan publik, perencanaan strategik. Aktif di Perhimpunan Survei Opini Publik Indonesia (PERSEPI).


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